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Best Primary Care Physicians in Plano

Primary care is one of the pillars of the medical community, providing everything from annual exams to preventive care. The right primary care doctor can help you keep your health on track and avoid more serious medical concerns. 

Are you looking for the best primary care physicians in Plano? Inspire Health is a leading provider of primary care services, including yearly wellness exams to routine diagnostics. Find out more about our range of services below!

The Inspire Health Primary Care Team

Inspire Health Primary Care has locations throughout Texas, including offices in Frisco, Prosper, and Plano. Our Plano team is composed of highly skilled professionals dedicated to providing only the best in primary care. This team is led by our head physician, Dr. Bush Benjamin, MD.

At Inspire Health, our goal is to provide the community of Plano with comprehensive primary care services. Our goal is to help patients maintain long-term health and feel like the best version of themselves. The team at Inspire Health is committed to providing quality care, whether it be immediate treatment for an acute concern or maintenance for an ongoing condition.

Dr. Bush Benjamin

Dr. Benjamin grew up in Lubbock and completed his undergraduate, graduate, and medical degrees at Texas Tech University. Dr. Benjamin moved to Houston to finish his residency training at Houston Methodist Hospital, specializing in Internal Medicine. There he received the Humanism in Medicine Award for his outstanding patient service.

As one of the best primary care physicians in Plano, Dr. Benjamin focuses on all aspects of primary patient care. He has experience with both acute and chronic conditions and addresses his patient’s physical and mental well-being when assessing their concerns. 

Dr. Benjamin is dedicated to providing humanistic care and strives to work alongside his patients to develop personalized treatment plans to meet their needs.

Primary Care Services at Inspire Health

Inspire Health is considered to be a top primary care provider because we offer a wide variety of services to keep our patients healthy, including:

Adult Wellness Visits

To maintain their health long-term, adults should visit their primary care doctor at least once a year. At Inspire Health, we provide adult wellness visits that include a complete physical exam, routine diagnostic tests, and screenings for common conditions. We also offer sick visits to address more acute concerns that have recently arisen. This includes flu, minor injuries, and more.

During your adult wellness visit, you can discuss any questions or concerns about your health with the doctor. This includes preventive care for any conditions or issues you may be at an increased risk of developing.

Pediatric Wellness Visits

Keeping your children healthy and happy is one of our top priorities. We offer outstanding pediatric services, including comprehensive pediatric wellness visits. 

During your child’s wellness visit, we will perform a complete physical exam and any necessary diagnostic testing. We will also perform the standard yearly screenings for vision, hearing, and allergy testing. If your child requires annual immunizations, those will also be provided during their visit.

In addition to annual needs, our pediatric services include sick visits to address more acute concerns. If your child falls ill or sustains a minor injury, we can provide the care they need to get back on track and feel better faster.

Onsite Labs

Often, laboratory testing is required to evaluate you for certain conditions and concerns. This testing includes blood panels and urinalysis. These labs can diagnose everything from chronic conditions like diabetes to acute issues like infections. As one of the best primary care physicians in Plano, Inspire Health performs onsite laboratory testing. This means your labs will be assessed in-office, giving you quicker results and lower costs.

Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic imaging is sometimes required to rule out or diagnose certain conditions. Slipped discs, broken bones, and cancerous growths can all be diagnosed with diagnostic imaging. This imaging includes X-rays, ultrasounds, CT scans, and more. 

At Inspire Health, we offer a selection of diagnostic imaging and referrals to nearby locations for any further testing. Dr. Benjamin will promptly review your images, and you will be given results as soon as they are available.

Women’s Wellness

The team at Inspire Health understands that women’s health needs are unique and require specialized care. We provide women’s wellness services to meet our female patients’ needs. Our women’s wellness visits include a comprehensive examination, breast exam, pap smear, and relevant blood panels. Women’s wellness blood panels may be used to assess thyroid levels, cholesterol, and more.


Regular immunizations are an important part of maintaining general wellness. At Inspire Health, we offer a number of different vaccinations to help you stay healthy all year long. This includes the influenza vaccine, HPV, Hepatitis B, and shingles. Our immunization visits are available Monday through Friday and are performed by our exceptional nursing staff.

COVID-19 Testing

To meet recent needs, Inspire Health offers on-site COVID-19 testing for patients actively experiencing coronavirus symptoms. These tests are usually covered by your insurance if you have had a telehealth visit with your provider. 

We even offer testing to the general public for travel purposes, even if they are not experiencing symptoms. Most health insurance policies do not cover these tests as they are not considered an immediate medical necessity. We accept private pay for this testing.

Where to Find the Best Primary Care Physicians in Plano

If you are looking for a new primary care physician in Plano, TX, Inspire Health is an excellent choice. Our head doctor, Dr. Bush Benjamin, is considered one of the best primary care physicians in Plano and works alongside an expert team of healthcare professionals. 

We offer a wide range of primary care services, including pediatric visits and women’s wellness exams. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Benjamin, contact us online or by phone today!