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We're now offering COVID-19 rapid testing and FLU testing, making it more convenient for you. People can be tested if they were exposed to the virus or are experiencing possible COVID-19 symptoms.


No more waiting days to find out your COVID-19 test results. Now you can get them in as little as 15-minutes, giving you peace of mind and valuable time back. We use either the Quidel SOFIA SARS Antigen test or the CareStart COVID-19 antigen test depending on avilability. Both of these tests are under EUA by the FDA.

More info:
Quidel SOFIA
CareStart Antigen Test


If you test positive, it’s okay, we’re here to help. Meet with one of our healthcare providers today to learn what to do next and how to keep your loved ones safe.


Leave the office knowing you have the support and resources you need. You’ll know what actions to take and have the confidence you need with us by your side, and current patients have 24/7 access to healthcare providers on-call.

Our COVID-19 rapid testing is simple, affordable, and doesn’t require insurance. If you need additional advice, schedule an appointment with one of our healthcare providers.

COVID Rapid Test (results in 15 minutes): $85

*FLU Rapid Test (results in 15 minutes): $50

COVID & FLU Rapid Test (results in 15 minutes): $110

*Fee waived with Televisit. The price listed above is for cash payment only. Not billable to insurance.