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Pediatric Services

Discover comprehensive pediatric care encompassing check-ups, vaccinations, chronic condition management, developmental assessments, mental health support, and more for your child’s holistic well-being.

Well-child visits

Including routine check-ups and developmental screenings.

Immunizations and Vaccines

Vaccinations and Immunizations according to the recommended schedule along with annual flu shots in the fall.

Sick visits

Treatment for common childhood illnesses such as colds, flu, and ear infections.

Chronic Conditions

Monitoring and management of chronic conditions like asthma, diabetes, or allergies.

Nutritional guidance

Nutritional guidance and advice for parents on healthy eating habits for children.

Behavioral Health

Behavioral and Developmental assessments for early detection of issues like ADHD or autism.

Hearing and Vision screening

Hearing and vision screenings to ensure proper sensory development.

Sports Physicals

Comprehensive physical exams before school entry or participation in sports activities.

Guidance and Support

Guidance on safety measures at home and in the community to prevent accidents and injuries. Check out our prepared parent kit!

Specialist Referrals

Referrals to specialists or other healthcare providers when needed for specialized care.

Mental Health Support

Mental health support for children and families with recommendations or specialist referrals as needed.

Patient Education

Patient education materials on topics such as growth and development, nutrition, and safety.

Same-day Appointments

Same-day appointments for urgent concerns and flexible scheduling for routine visits.

Telemedicine Visits

Telehealth services for follow-ups, consultations, and non-emergency concerns.

Care Coordination

Coordination of care with schools, daycare providers, and other community resources.